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This section is still in work.
We are a close-knit innovative team infused with passion that has been growing over the years and we’re fully aware of how to achieve our goals and develop products. We are a well-organized and motivated team that is full of passion and energy to plunge into its new project i.e.,

Let's introduce ourselves:

Jexon (Yevgen Goncharuk) CEO, Operating Activities Linkedin
Wesper (Evgenii Aduev) CDO, Graphic Design Linkedin
Miri (Dmitry Mironenko) CPO, Product Development Linkedin
Mikenavi (Mikhail Borisov) CTO, Dev and Technology Linkedin
Mary (Mary Herasymova) SMM Marketing LInkedin
Glories (Dmitry Stukalsky) Content Manager Linkedin
Alina (Alina Sunchel) Finance Manager Linkedin
Via (Viacheslav Ganzin) Community Manager Linkedin

Team Background

Our Team has already worked together on different successful projects. We have come to a long and challenging route together while experiencing multiple successes and failures along our way. We value our commitment and are determined to endure new challenges to succeed and reach our destination.
Our path in detail:


Started a new business, cyber club for gamers named "Reload Club" in Leipzig (Germany). More than 10.000 hours of playtime sold, 18 gaming tournaments provided.


Founded a company in Leipzig (Germany) and started a new e-commerce business for in-game items and services. Developed an online shop The business is still active to this day and generates more than $1 Mio annual revenue. has thousands of positive feedbacks (trustami / trustpilot) and a huge community.


Developed and released a b2b booking platform for in-game events. The platform is still active to this day and processes up to 100 daily bookings.


Founded a company "GiX" in Leipzig (Germany) and started a new e-commerce business - branded apparel for geeks and gamers The business is still active to this day.


Completed dozens of development orders from complex e-commerce online shops based on Shopware 6.0 engine to unique custom dev solutions for different german companies as an outsource team


Full focus on blockchain technologies, spent thousands of hours on the investigation of the crypto industry, forming ideas and as a result, we start our new blockchain project named