Achiefy.io offers different types of activities such as challenges, events, tournaments, and duels.

๐Ÿ† Challenges

Achiefy.io offers an in-game challenge i.e., a specific task with one or multiple conditions that must be accomplished to unlock an achievement and other rewards. Each player can connect their game accounts (like Steam or Xbox-Live) to the Achiefy.io platform and can accomplish challenges in their favorite games. Every challenge, as well as rewards and achievements, are inspired and designed by the following specific game story and visuals.

๐ŸŽฏ Tournaments

The tournament is a global in-game competition with winners and losers, fixed dates and times, different reward tiers, spectators, and fans. The tournament is a one-time massive event, similar to already existing cyber-sport competitions, but organized and rewarded by employing blockchain technologies.

Tournaments may be streamed on popular streaming services like Twitch or YouTube, attracting thousands of viewers around the world. Viewers and fans may also be rewarded by watching tournaments under specific conditions. We will create unique fan-NFTs related to each tournament and will offer giveaways to the audience considering specific terms. Tournaments will help to increase Achiefyโ€™s popularity, as well as boost its audience.

โš”๏ธ Duels

Duel is a one-time competition event, mostly organized by the community itself, and primarily focused on โ€œ1v1โ€ or โ€œteam VS teamโ€ in-game battles. Popular cyber-sport teams can declare duels to each other and set up their prize pools. Competitor teams can also generate event-bonded NFTs and sell them on the NFT marketplace.

The Duel system may initiate amazing battles between famous teams with epic moments, that may go down in history. This may help to increase the value of NFTs related to these duels.

Casual teams or single players can also find a lot of fun and profitability with duels. If someone is confident in their skills and wants to find a worthy opponent, duels can be their best shot.

๐ŸŽช Events

Events are specific in-game activities that may be organized and designed by the Achiefy's team, games publishers, or the community for fun, celebration, or promotion purposes. Events do not have any competition goals but play a significant role in the gaming community. Organizers can also generate memorable NFTs for giveaways and promotions.

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