🧩NFT Craft

NFT Craft system is a key feature of the Achiefy's ecosystem. Users can find a wide range of blueprints (receipts) to craft unique and valuable NFTs by using energy and reagents earned through challenges and other activities.

All NTFs from the blueprints collection are pre-created by the Achiefy's team and have a limited quantity. As soon all NFTs from a specific blueprint are crafted, the blueprint will become inactive, and this NTF will no longer be available for crafting.

The less identical NFTs were issued, the higher their value and the more energy and reagents required for crafting.

Any user who has not enough energy or reagents can replace the missing resources with ACF tokens. This system allows users who did not participate in challenges but are interested in NFTs to get crafting reagents from players by using ACF tokens. Users can also buy already crafted NFTs from players.

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