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User Progression

A game-like progression system aimed at improving user's quality of life experience.

A1 Leveling

Users can increase their profile level (LVL) by earning experience points (XP). In turn, XP can be earned by performing various platform activities such as completing challenges, participating in tournaments, crafting, and much more.
Example: User completed the challenge in Fortnite and received 1100XP, then spent reagents he earned on creating NFT in the crafting station and got another 1312XP, this XP was enough for him to level up his profile from 19LVL to 20LVL and earn rewards (A2, A3).

A2 Milestone Rewards

In addition to guaranteed talent points (A3), the user will also receive additional rewards on certain levels, such as achievements, memorabilia badges, NFTs that give various platform unlocks, etc.
Milestone Rewards has 2 types, standard, and premium. The standard one is available to every user and does not require any additional actions or investments. Premium, in turn, is available only to users who own locked ACF tokens and differs from the standard one by a larger amount of available rewards.
Example: After gaining some XP, the user leveled up to level 20. With this level up he received a guaranteed 1 talent point, as well as additional rewards in the form of a memorabilia badge “Beginner” and an NFTwhich gives access to the “Trophy Room Tier 1” functionality (NFT Utility page, B2).

A3 Talents

For each new level obtained, the user receives 1 Skill Point (SP), which he can spend on learning or leveling Talents.
Talents are upgradable passive skills with a gradation of levels from 1 to 20 (where 1 is the smallest bonus and 20 is the largest). Talents are designed to improve users' quality of life and give them a more smooth and enjoyable platform experience.
Example: For leveling up from level 19 to level 20, the user received 1 Skill Point, which he spent on upgrading talent "Steady Hands" (Creating NFT in a crafting station costs 0.5% less energy), thereby increasing its bonus from 0.5%(10/20) to 0.6%(11/20).
Read more about user's customization on the NFT Utility page